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... Raise an army of children and poor to bring the gospel to the unreached parts of Romania.

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Spend Time with a Missionary We received good feedback from the article we sent out earlier in March, called "Creatively Invest In Missions". This current report is chapter 3 from my "Missions Is Possible" booklet, called "Spend Time With A Missionary". In two weeks I fly to the States with my son-in-law Aurel Stoian, Nicu Constantin, and Dennis Petrick, all from our Outstretched Hands team. We will meet with people individually and will conduct special meetings about Outstretched Hands activities in Romania. We are always thankful to meet with people who are interested to be with us. Sometimes people assume we are too busy to get together but it is not true. We travel 5000+ miles just to be with people and celebrate what the Lord has done here and there! God bless you. Pastor Brad Hayes
Creatively Invest in Missions This update from Romania is part 1 of 2 in the month of March. The March reports are chapters from my booklet "Missions Is Possible". If you click on the link above it will take you to chapter 7 which is called "Creatively Invest in Missions". This chapter tells how the Lord has blessed our family and ministry over the years through people like you, and will give you many practical ways to enhance your support of Missions and Missionaries anywhere. This chapter will take about 10 minutes to read, but for anybody looking for practical ways to support missions in addition to their financial giving, this is the chapter for you! Blessings, Pastor Brad Hayes . . . director of Outstretched Hands of Romania
Romania Report - January 2015 To begin 2015, we want to use the January report to accomplish 3 things. First, to share a 3 minute video called "Adriana's Story". Adriana is a woman from a village who heard the gospel of Jesus at one of our Pro Life meetings. Outstretched Hands is committed to develop insightful and inspirational resources like this to educate about the traumatic effects of abortion on women and society. Adriana's Story is very heartfelt and reminds us that there is hope and healing in the Lord Jesus for anything in our lives!
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