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... Raise an army of children and poor to bring the gospel to the unreached parts of Romania.

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Inside Outstretched Hands Series: Nelu Ilie, What does Outstretched Hands mean to you? This update is the third in our video series called "Inside Outstretched Hands". We want to give some Outstretched Hands team members an opportunity to share from their hearts and experiences about what Outstretched Hands means to them. We asked them the question: "What does Outstretched Hands mean to you?"
2016 . . . Begin with Giving Thanks! Let's start 2016 by counting our blessings and expressing our thankfulness! Last year (2015) was good and we have many reasons to be thankful and have hope for 2016. In December 2015, Nora and I were able to be together with our five children and their families for the first time since 2011. We are so thankful!
Roseti, Romania Church Update Outstretched Hands (OH) of Romania planted the Roseti Church in 2009. We first started our activities in Roseti by gathering children to teach the Bible and this opened the door for us to work with their parents. Roseti is an important Church Plant for us because it is the only church we have that is east of Calarasi. The Roseti Church is a strategic church in building the Kingdom of God in that direction. We did a Childrens Evangelistic Tent event in Borcea last week, a village just past Roseti. We averaged 140 children each day plus adults. People are very open to Jesus in that area and we are called to reach them with the Love of Jesus Christ. Enjoy this months report and photos about Roseti ministry and know that together with your help, Outstretched Hands of Romania is making a difference here in Romania. We need your help in Roseti . . . the "door" to the east. God bless you! Brad Hayes
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