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... Raise an army of children and poor to bring the gospel to the unreached parts of Romania.

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Romania Report - January 2015 To begin 2015, we want to use the January report to accomplish 3 things. First, to share a 3 minute video called "Adriana's Story". Adriana is a woman from a village who heard the gospel of Jesus at one of our Pro Life meetings. Outstretched Hands is committed to develop insightful and inspirational resources like this to educate about the traumatic effects of abortion on women and society. Adriana's Story is very heartfelt and reminds us that there is hope and healing in the Lord Jesus for anything in our lives!
Inside Outstretched Hands Series: Aurel Stoian, What does Outstretched Hands mean to you? This update is the second in our video series called "Inside Outstretched Hands". We want to give some Outstretched Hands team members an opportunity to share from their hearts and experiences about what Outstretched Hands means to them. We asked them the question: "What does Outstretched Hands mean to you?" If you are interested in donating, please follow the link, and click on the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page.
Conferinta de Conducere si Misiune - Calarasi 2014 Ma bucur sa va anunt, din partea Maini Deschise, despre Conferinta de Conducere si Misiune care urmeaza sa aiba loc pe 17 si 18 sept. in Chiselet. Vedeti posterul mai jos pentru detalii. E o mare cinste sa il avem pe un om ca Barney Coombs care va fi cu noi pentru învatatura si partasie. Slujirea lui Barney, de-a lungul anilor, a avut un impact major in zidirea Imparatiei lui Dumnezeu prin mentorarea altor slujitori, care, la randul lor, au plantat mii de biserici in intreaga lume. Învataturile lui Barney au ca tinta sanatatea spirituala a slujitorilor si multiplicarea in slujire.
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